Tablea or Tableya

Tablea are small molds of dried, ground, raw cacao. They’re then stored and used for everything chocolate, from tsokolate or sikwate, champorado, chocolate suman or moron, and more.

But how is tablea made? For a general look at how tablea is made, look at the illustrations below, made with the ancient Filipino script Baybayin.

The complete lo-res infographic

Buy the infographic art print!

Get the art print on Society6.

Coloring book

Want both the Filipino and English translations of the Baybayin in the infographics? Find them in “How to Make Tablea Baybayin Coloring Book”. A great way to get kids and adults learning about Baybayin, Tagalog, and Filipino food! Get it by becoming a Hi-res Digital Art Patron!

More links

  • Baybayin fonts used in the graphics were made by Lloyd Zapanta. Download his fonts and donate money for his work at his Behance portfolio:
  • Learn more about cacao in general, and see some more art, here!

In memory of

I dedicate these write-ups and artwork on everything chocolate to my mama, who planted the seed (or kakaw bean) of my love for art and Filipino food a long time ago.

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